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Dear Satyricon fans,

The more you think about it at the very end of the year, the more you realize how much happened during the course of a year. To us, the release of the double album, “Live At The Opera” was as important as any new record. We do not consider it a live album. We consider it be a completely unique representation of some of our works and it is a double album featuring a DVD. Not the other way around. We are very proud to see it having been received so well. The European tour in April was one of the best tours we have ever done in our own opinion, and one where we can say that it all went down pretty much the way we wanted it to. It helps when you feel free as the bird and take control of your own destiny. For us to play less, but longer shows felt great and it is what we would like to do more in the feature. We get along very well with our fans and that tour reinforced the relationship.

The festival summer was a very short run due to work on the new album and out of what we did, Hellfest in France was perhaps the highlight.

Working on the new album has been enormously rewarding to us. When you finish work for the day and start looking forward to tomorrow on your way home…you are probably doing the right thing. We have enjoyed so many hours of intense focus and musical problem solving, but it has also been a struggle. It always has been and it is probably meant to be that way. A good counterweight to that has been the endless jams in the middle of the night where we just play with no musical purpose other than to enjoy the magic of the moment.

Late September life hit me in the face with a sledgehammer as many of you are aware of. It happens to people all over, all the time and I as I have said before; I do not feel sorry for myself. I try my best to deal with it and get my life back on track. I’m known for being a confident guy and I estimated that I should be functioning normally in a couple of weeks. I can have a laugh thinking about that now. Three months have passed and I seem to be a little bit more stable now. I know it’s going to be a bumpy ride, but I am preparing myself for it mentally and physically. It if wasn’t for this bullshit, we would have been almost recording ready with new album now, but it is what it is and it will take the time it takes.

I feel incredibly inspired and motivated by the compassion and support from all Satyricon fans and it has made me feel that not only must I make this work for myself and the rest of the band, but for you. I would like to think it means that my service to the dark has made a difference to many people and it is a strong message from you that I take very seriously. My colleagues have been working hard while I have been gone and I will join them step by step shortly. We all look forward to continuing work on the new album and celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nemesis Divina. The 20th of February in Oslo will be an incredible night for all of us and for me in particular; a very emotional return. We all look forward to share this and many other great things to come with you in 2016. We wish you many musical highlights and good health in 2016. It will take you a long way.

On behalf of Satyricon, Satyr

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