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Satyricon is currently considering a second guitar player for touring. If you would like to audition for this, you need to have the following qualifications: Skills on a high international level, touring experience, ability to attend rehearsals on a weekly basis and good social skills. You MUST be a Satyricon fan. The band is not looking for players in general. This is a lifestyle, more than a job. It is not possible to play the music of Satyricon without feeling it, or responding to the demands of the band without really wanting to be a part of this. Please send a video of yourself playing not only your own select Satyricon songs,

but anything you think is representative of your level as a player. It does not have to be

technical, it might as well be something representative of your ability to interpret music.

Should the band want to pursue, you will be invited to an audition in Oslo. Send your video and some words about yourself and your musical background to

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